Our story began in 2006, since then our understanding of the underlying problems in fertilization technologies grew deeper with every year. We’ve realized that harnessing skills and science is the key to solve these problems and ultimately produce agricultural inputs that can feed the world and make it a better place.


Thanks to our team of 50-100 workers that consist of staffs, specialists and researchers, we’ve managed to maintain an annual production rate of 45,000 metric tons of fertilizers that consist of 20,000 metric tons of mixing fertilizers and 25,000 metric tons of compound fertilizers.

International Product

We also have long term clients and business partners from overseas because our company and products are trusted due to our good quality assurance, remarkable results and reliability.

Our products are well known and favored by majority of customers and farmers locally and internationally due to high concentrations, complete nutrients. easy of absorption, effectiveness, soil improvement, improve fruit quality, enhance crop resistance to diseases and many other features.



The GOLDEN DRAGON AWARDS, presented by the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, recognizes outstanding leadership, initiative, contributions and positive impacts to our Central Florida community.

As our Chamber’s highest honor, the Golden Dragon Award recognizes an individual, entrepreneur, small or large business which has made the most significant positive impact in Central Florida, improving the quality of life for the many.



Our Clientele