Sourcing the Ideal Fertiliser

Types of Fertilizers

Common : consist the most common plant requirements (e.g. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These nutrients will encourage plants to grow vigorously and produce more flowers or bear more fruits.

Water Insoluble : such as rock phosphate & dolomite are used on acid soils to provide a sustained slow release of nutrients. This is to counter the acidifying effect of urea and SOA to build up soil fertility.

Water Soluble : usually used for immature plans to improve nutrient deficiencies & aerial application.

A few things to consider

Although there is a wide range of fertilizer products available out at the market, the following factors should be considered when choosing the right fertilizer for your palms:

  • Palm age & condition
  • Amount of nutrients required
  • Soil characteristic (texture, pH level, clay content & type)
  • Terrain (e.g. hilly, flat, sloping)
  • Climate & temperature
  • The availability of fertilizers
  • The physical and chemical properties of fertilizers (e.g. nutrient concentration)
  • Cost (RM kg-1 N, P, K, Mg, B, and Cu)
  • Availability of labor
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