We provide standard fertilizer for general agriculture consumption. We also offer custom fertilizer to clients with specific requirements or needs. All of our of fertilizers shares a common attributes that include providing plantations and farmers with the essential nutrients needed to make their crops thrive and produce high-quality food and raw materials.

We offer free onsite consultation for orders of more than 100 tons for plantations in :-

  • Orders of more than 100,000 m/t by plantations in peninsular Malaysia
  • Orders of more than 500 tons by plantations in East Malaysia.

We accept orders from overseas plantations, as well,  for both standard and custom fertilizers. 




Straight Fertilizers

Low-cost, good choice when maximum crop-yield is no concern.




Compound Fertilizers

Promote fast plant growth, Increase crop yield ratio.




Bulk Blend Fertilizers

Optimize the use of applied nutrients by having balanced nutrition.




Mixture Fertilizers

Promote stable plant growth, promote diseases resistance in plants.