Mixture Fertilizer

Mixture Fertilizer

A mixed fertilizer is a mixture of two or more straight fertilizers. A mixture of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) or mostly known as NPK, three elements that are critical to plant survival and growth are added to the mixed fertilizer. If you like to know more on straight fertilizer, you can refer to our article on straight fertilizer. Mixed fertilizers are usually commercialize as wheat fertilizers or paddy fertilizer mixture, etc. Mixed fertilizer contains two types of fertilizer mixture which is open and close fertilizer mixture. They are slow releasing by nature and remains in the crops for a long time.

Advantages of mixed fertilizer

  • Two or more fertilizer elements are mixed together to release to the field. This requires less labor to apply the mixed fertilizer to the field.
  • Mixed fertilizers can be easily applied in the field than many straight fertilizers because they are in a better physical condition.
  • The residual acidity of fertilizers can be effectively controlled by the use of a proper quantity of liming materials in the mixtures.
  • If a proper mixture is used to suit a particular soil type and crop, the used in a fertilizer mixture leads to balanced manuring. This gives the higher yield sand more profit to the cultivators

Why use Mixture fertilizers?

  • Good physical condition (powder) and are more ease to adapted to the requirement of the crop
  • Various formula to select with small quantity to suit the crops need
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