Interaction Between Elements

Fertilizer is most important to enhance plant growth and increase production output (yield). Generally, plants either short term or perennial plant require large amount of fertilizer to achieve a good yield. Inappropriate fertilizer management will affect to plant growth performance such as yellowing in leave, leaf discolouration, chlorotic streak, necrotic sport, leaflet malformation, retarded growth as well decreasing in yield. Hence, several factors need to consider in fertilizer application such as source from raw material fertilizer, soil pH, type of soil, type of plant and interaction between elements.

“Sometime we thought we applied correct rate fertilizer but symptoms still exist and low yield. Why?”

For the sake of this problem, correct amount of some nutrients and the limited supply fertilizer can create imbalances of nutrients in soil. Interaction between nutrient are most important things to understand in plant-soil systems. Mulder’s chart shown as guideline of interaction between nutrients.

Nutrient interactions can be positive (synergistic) or negative (antagonistic) interaction. Synergistic interactions between nutrients can help one or both to have greater uptake by the plant. For example, application of nitrogen fertilizer increased availability of magnesium (mg) in soil. While, most deficiencies occur because of an antagonistic interaction between nutrients. The negative interaction can cause in two ways which an excess of one nutrient were block others nutrient from uptake sites on plant root. In the second ways, the excess nutrient was changing the pH of the growing media and cause other nutrient unavailable to the plant. In peat soil, higher rate of magnesium was affected available of potassium.

These interactions can vary depending on soil properties and the specific crop. Regular analysis of soil and plant tissue is important to confirm that no individual nutrient is severely out of balance and possibly disrupting the contribution of other nutrients. The right fertilizer management will give effect to the right amount of yield.

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