Fertilizer for Palm Oil Plantation

Agromaster Fertilizer Malaysia for Palm Oil Plantation

Palm Oil Plantation is no stranger to Malaysia’s agriculture industry. In fact, it is one of the largest contribution to Malaysia’s sector of economy. To care for the palm oil plantation is not as difficult as one might think; just a correct amount of nutrients from the right fertilizer would do the trick.

Choosing the right fertilisers for Palm Oil Plantation

Agromaster Malaysia are concerned about the usage of fertilizers in palm oil plantation as it is crucial for the growth of palm tree plantation due to it’s nature of being vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies. Therefore, make sure the fertilizer chosen for the palm tree includes micronutrients, such as iron and manganese, and trace amounts of zinc, boron and copper. However, there are a few that you could choose for a better growth of the palm tree that contains nitrogen, sourced from urea, ammonium sulphate and diammonium phosphate, phosphorus sourced from single super phosphate, rock phostphate and diammonium phostphate, potassium from chloride or sulphate or potassium chloride and also magnesium sulphate.

Agromaster Malaysia ensure quality Palm Oil Production

Apart from getting that, Agromaster Fertilizer Malaysia would also advised you to understand the key factors in fertilizer management system which comes with an instruction and it is important for users to apply them correctly according to the recommended practices so that the palm oil can fully absorbed the nutrients. Maximized nutrients utilization will result in a healthy grown palm oil which contributes in the number of production of the fruits of the palm oil.

To add, we understand that the usage of fertilizer will have an impact towards the environment. Agromaster Malaysia encourage our customers to use it in a correct manner, with accurate timing, placement and methods of fertilizer application to minimize the impact it has on the environment. The negative impact on environment will include the act of over-fertilization, land degradation and pollution from heavy metals from fertilizers which has cobalt, and also eutrophication (the forming of algae on the surface of water that causes oxygen depletion of the water body).

We, at Agromaster Fertilizer understands our customers concern on the quality and the number production of their crops. Thus, understanding the content and nutrients of the fertilizer alone is not enough to add in for the plantation of the palm oil, but a crucial and careful steps must be taken to ensure the consistency of health and growth of the palm oil. Aside from that, we also have to put the environmental matter to the subject as it has the same important role for the development of the agriculture sector.

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