Compund Fertilizer

Compound Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a material mix into soils or directly to plant tissues which consist of nutrients necessary for the growth and health of the plant. Soils usually consist of these required chemical compounds, however sometimes there is an imbalanced ratio. Fertilizers are extra supplements that farmers and gardeners can use to raise the amounts and balance the proportion of these essential chemical compounds.

Soil is not dirt. Soil is a living, organic system of nutrients and matter, which plants gathered in order to build themselves. Over the years, soil will contain less nutritious. To fix this, farmers or gardener will add fertilizer into the soil.


What is Compound Fertilizer? Compound Fertilizer contains multiple several elements such as copper, cobalt, boron and many other elements to boost the growing unique of plants or trees. Manufacture uses basic fertilizer material such as ammonia, ammonium phosphate, sulphur, potassium salt and urea. Compound fertilizer contains multiple nutrients. These differences allow the farmer or gardener to spread the fertilizer so it can  bring the blend of nutrients as it dissolves in the soil and eliminates the potential for isolation of nutrient sources during transport or application.

Few compound fertilisers are sometimes more expensive than some blend of primary nutrient sources because it requires additional processing.However, when you consider all the factors, compound fertilizer offers considerable advantages.

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