Compound fertilizers are available in two categories: organic and inorganic. The organic compound are normally made out of manure, fish bone, bone meal, including compost, whereas inorganic compound fertilizer are made from various chemicals in the manufacturing process.

These compound are available in either liquid or granular form, and some granular fertilizer is in a slow-release formula. Compound fertilizer mainly contains two or more essential plant nutrients. Aside from that, the compound fertilizer also contains secondary and trace elements.

Typically, fertilizers must have these three essential nutrients: Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P) and Potassium(K). These nutrients are essential for plants to complete their life cycle. Secondary nutrients are: Calcium(Ca), Sulfur(S), and Magnesium(Mg) which are normally present in the soil but need to be replenished periodically. And trace elements consists of nutrients such as Boron(B), Copper(Cu), and Cobalt(Co).

Why use compaction Compound Fertilizer?

✔ Compound fertilizers contain multiple nutrients in each individual granule to meet the crop  need.
✔ Each individual granule of material which Nutrient  is balance ease to adapted to the requirement of the crop.
✔ Effective for applying an initial nutrient dose in advance of planting to avoid over dose.
✔ All Compound  are wax-coated to give dust free and free flowing granular .
✔ Compound have a good physical condition (Similar granular size) and are more ease to use manual or machine to apply.
✔ Various formula to select to suit the crops need.


COMPACTION COMPOUND FERTILIZERNitrogen - %NPhosphorus - %P2O5Potassium - %K20Magnesium - %MGOBTE
Baja Singa Series
Baja Singa 12/6/22/3 +0.5B203 12 6 22 3 YES -
Baja Singa 10/0/25/4+0.5B2O3 10 25 4 YES -
Baja Singa 10/5/21/2+0.5B203 10 5 21 2 YES -
Baja Singa 12/12/7/2+TE 12 12 17 2 - YES
Baja Singa 12/3/27/2+TE 12 3 27 2 - YES
Baja Singa 15/15/6/4 15 15 6 4 - -
Baja Singa 15/15/15 15 15 15 - - -