In order to ensure a stable growth and better market reach, we shifted from conventional business model to branding management model. Currently, our sales are targeting two types of markets:

  • Business to Business (B2B)

    In Business to Business (B2B) market, our customers mainly consist of medium to industrial level plantations in East and West Malaysia:

    • Palm oil plantations
    • Rubber plantations
    • Paddy plantations
    • Coco plantations
    • Pepper plantations
    • Fruit plantations

  • Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)

    For B2B2C market, we set up several nationwide sales outlets that sells the fertilizers directly to agricultural and hardware trading companies. These company then re-sell the fertilizers to end users that include:

    • Farmers
    • Flower stores
    • Environmental research institutions
    • Homeowners

By bringing together B2B and B2B2C markets, we’ve successfully increased our market penetration rate, while at the same time, ensured direct customers effectively distributed the fertilizer knowledge and information to end users.