Agromaster is one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of fertilizers with local and international clients base. Since it’s establishment in 2006, Agromaster has acquired significant understanding of the underlying problems in fertilization technologies. Over 10 years, Agromaster has help many plantations and farmers to overcome these problems through effective use of fertilizers to maximize agricultural output and help plants grow better and faster.

In Malaysia and overseas, Agromaster continues to expand its footprints in the agriculture industry. With dedicated teams of staffs and technicians, Agromaster ensures that the business ethics of integrity and quality remain the bedrock of the company, while continuing on innovating and introducing new methods for better and more efficient operations.

Agromaster is deeply passionate in delivering effective fertilization solutions whether in small or large quantities, to local or global plantations. The company carefully assesses the needs of the clients as well as their budgets and accordingly delivers fertilizers that satisfy those needs without delays or overcharges.




Our Mission

To strive in improving our operations by investing in knowledge, expertise & technologies while enjoying the journey to success.




Our Vision

To raise the bar high for the quality of fertilizer material and ultimately help plantations boost their plant nutrition and agricultural output.




Our Value

To preserve our business ethics of integrity and honesty and continue in prioritizing our corporate social responsibility.




With a dedicated team of staffs, specialists and researchers, we’ve managed to maintain an annual production rate of 120,000 metric tons of fertilizers (60,000 tons of mixing fertilizers and 60,000 tons of compound fertilizers).
Most of our fertilizers are distributed in Malaysia. However, we’ve accepted orders and delivered products to overseas plantations, mainly in South Africa and columbia.

International Product

We’ve successfully established long term partnership with businesses and clients from all over the globe, thanks to the outstanding quality of our products.


Our products are highly favored by customers and farmers locally and internationally, thank to our fertilizers’ capability of providing crops with complete nutrients and increased resistance to diseases. If you are looking for effective solutions against crops malnutrition and reduced crop yield, look no further. Contact us today and our representatives will service you and get you started immediately!


Thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team, Agromaster has been awarded with Asia Golden Dragon Awards. The objective of this award is to acknowledge the achievements of individuals and businesses in Asia that contributed significantly to the development of the Asian countries. The Asia Golden Dragon Award aims to gather all those high-achievers that have a common vision, which to form the Golden Community.